Glamorous and Profitable Careers

June 9th, 2014

If you want to purchase glamorous items like many of those we talk about on this blog, you are going to need some cold, hard cash. And for most of us, that means working a real job. Or even better: a career!

I’ve been thinking about my career options for the future a lot lately, and have come to the conclusion that you can learn to love a job that pays well as easily as you can love a job that doesn’t pay much at all. So what jobs pay well? Well I recently found this website: that has a lot of great posts about some of the best paying jobs available. The U.S. Department of Labor also publishes a lot of articles about the best paying jobs, with loads of statistics, but I find it is a little difficult to understand the information and like the articles published on that website better.

So, what kind of job should a person who is interested in fashion go after? Well, one of the jobs that I thought sounded interesting was in drafting. They earn around $25 an hour and you don’t have to even go to college for it. Learn more here:

As you will see, there are lots of jobs that don’t require a college degree and still pay well. Many of them require some kind of training, but that can vary from short on the job training to longer apprenticeships. So you don’t necessarily have to incur large amounts of college debt to find a good job. I hope you find this information helpful!


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