Name Question: What do you believe of Katerina Sofia as a name for a little girl?

July 25th, 2013

We are expecting a little girl in August and have not made a decision on how to spell her middle identify however.

It signifies wisdom in Greek. Katerina is definite but we do not know how we want to spell Sofia or Sophia.

Here are some Solutions Found Online:

Love it, it’s actually adorable. I adore the spelling Sofia, and it would seem to fit the very first identify nicely.

sofiabookVery first of all, congratulations! Personally, I prefer Katarina to Katerina. It appears like it’d be cater-eena. I also prefer Sophia to Sofia (although Sofia is gaining in popularity thanks to Disney,  but either way it still sounds completely gorgeous! Whichever way you make a decision to spell it will be fine.

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